Paper Engineer and Illustrator

Prestel Publishing : Creatures of the Deep / Wunderwesen aus der Tiefe

The magnificent prints of Ernst Haeckel, who captured the amazing forms of the natural world, spring to life in this exciting pop-up book that reveals the vibrant intricacy of his work. This stunning book features seven pop-ups that allow readers to see natures brilliance the way that Haeckel did as marvelous, mathematically based creations that support his theory of the unity of all living things. Certain to appeal to his huge variety of fans, this pop-up version of a timeless classic created by Maike Biederstädt will be treasured for years to come.

JNJ Agency : What´s in the Egg?

This pop-up book introduces a variety of animals that hatch from an egg. It is my first book together with JNJ Agency. Language rights are available. English and German language rights are sold.


DK: Pop-up Peekaboo Series

Since 2017 I have engineered seven titles in the Pop-up Peekaboo series. The sturdy baby books are ideal for preschool play and will keep toddlers entertained time and time again. The series has been shortlisted for the Best Preschool Reading Range in The Progressive Preschool Awards 2018.

DK: Pop-up Peekaboo: Space

Pop-up Peekaboo Space won two LBP Platinum Awards 2019 in the categories “Best Baby Book” and “Best Activity Book”! Take your toddler on a pop-up space rocket adventure, and fly to the Moon in this lift-the-flap baby book with pictures that pop off the page!

DK: Pop-up Peekaboo: I love you

Find out who's sending Sheep presents in this cute baby book with flaps to lift and pop-ups to enjoy. Pop-Up Peekaboo I Love You! is the perfect gift for Valentine's day, birthdays, and other special occasions, and is certain to make toddlers smile!

DK: Pop-up Peekaboo: Unicorn

Join Moonbeam the purple unicorn as she searches for a friend in the enchanted forest. A magical addition to the best-selling Pop-up Peekaboo series, Pop-Up Peekaboo! Unicorn is a read-aloud children's book that encourages first learning by introducing little ones to colours and adorable characters.

DK: Pop-up Peekaboo! under The Sea

Turn the pages and lift the flaps of this delightful baby book to meet Diving Dolphin, Stripy Fish, and other exciting sea creatures waiting to pop out! This exciting read-aloud baby book encourages first learning by introducing little ones to colourful underwater scenes and characters.

DK: Pop-up Peekaboo! Baby Dinosaurs

Discover a world of adorable baby dinosaurs hiding in the pages of this exciting baby book.  Parents can read the simple rhyming text to support baby's language development, while baby will have hours and hours of fun lifting the flaps to play peekaboo!

DK: Pop-up Peekaboo! NUMBERS

This interactive book features bold pop-ups that make pictures jump from the pages when the flaps are lifted. As young children explore the spreads, they will learn to recognize, name, and describe the pictures they see, and develop their number skills..

DK: Pop-up Peekaboo! First Words

With fun surprises on every page, Pop-Up Peekaboo: First Words enhances the reading experience and builds an early learning foundation. As young children explore the spreads, they will learn to recognize, name, and describe the pictures they see.